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It might seem odd that there's a page dedicated to nice homes in San Juan del Sur, but they are so much a part of what makes San Juan del Sur a special place. If you are at the beach, the farthest northern edge of the cove is called 'La Cara del Indio,' or the Face of the Indian. On the hillside there are beautiful, luxurious homes with spectacular panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. This area called is the 'Beverley Hills of Nicaragua' and for good reason. Since San Juan del Sur is made up of many different hills, there are many beautiful homes nestled amongst the hillsides overlooking the town with great views of the ocean.

Just Up The Beach

From El Torreón all you have to do is cross the street, walk onto the sand, turn right and walk up the beach. To your left you'll have waves crashing onto the surf and to your right you'll see restaurants that line the beach. Further up you'll see where the San Juan del Sur River reaches the beach. As you pass the river, the area becomes strictly residential. Many of the photographs featured here were taken during an a beautiful August morning stroll. Being from San Francisco, California, I am accustomed to driving or walking around the city admiring beautiful Victorian homes. In San Juan del Sur it is no different. Of coarse the architectural style usually is Spanish Mediterranean or Spanish Colonial but the homes are no less as beautiful.

As you continue to go up the beach you will see gorgeous beach front homes. Many of them different from each other but all sharing the same sandy beach backyard. Continue walking forward and you will run into 'La Cara del Indio'. At this juncture, you'll have to turn around, as the 'Cara del Indio' is more like a cliff then a hill. In some areas the side of the hill goes up vertically at a ninety degree angle, especially where it meets the beach. There is no way to see the beautiful cliffside homes from the beach, but as you head back down the beach you'll notice an opening between two homes to walk through to streets. Here you'll see the front of these beach front homes and you can further explore the neighborhood.

Up 'La Cara del Indio'

For those who like to hike, tackle the steep road that takes you to the top of 'La Cara del Indio' I've only done it via taxi. You can catch a taxi in the center of town and for a few Cordobas they'll be more then happy to drive you there to sightsee. Make sure to bring the camera, as not only are the homes lovely but the views are breathtaking. Many of the pictures in the Image Gallery of San Juan del Sur was taking from this vantage point. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Costa Rica. From here you can see all of San Juan del Sur and some of the surrounding beaches. The bay is always spotted with fishing boats, yachts, sailboats and the occasional cruise ship. There is also a new addition to the hill, a giant stutue of Jesus Christ reminiscent of the one in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. When I first visited this area I knew that it would be my dream come true to own a home on this seaside cliff called 'La Cara del Indio.' One can always dream.

Other 'Casas de San Juan del Sur'

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There are also beautiful homes in the central and southern hills of San Juan del Sur. There has been a boom in new construction due to the popularity of the town. Also, many of the older houses have been remodeled to take full advantage of their location. Most of these homes have great views of the bay and of the town below. Unlike the homes located in 'La Cara del Indio', these homes are in the main town whereas the homes in 'La Cara del Indio' are in a gated community. The one benefit these homes have is that they are centrally located to the shops, restaurants, stores and internet cafes.

Regardless where in San Juan del Sur, if you like architecture you'll love taking nice walks in and around the town, on the beach or in the hills. I think that is why many people who come and visit San Juan del Sur end up wanting to buy a home here. It's an enchanting town and it has enchanted me.